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Spring Hill Remodeling has been providing efficient, guaranteed, and thorough remodeling jobs around the Spring Hills area for 20 years. Our professionalism and eagerness to stand by our works has earned us a spotless reputation. This has turned us into the reliable partners that you want by your side when taking the leap into a home remodeling project.

Our experienced crew can help you turn a sketch or an idea into a whole new section of your home. It all starts with a quick phone call and a free consultation. We can work on every part of your home, inside and out, so don’t hesitate to call, no matter the project!

Our Services

With a rich history in the business, we’re proud to be able to offer a variety of remodeling services. Here are our most popular types of projects we perform.


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Our Services:

Home Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

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Home Remodeling

Renewing your entire home is an ambitious undertaking. We can provide you with a completely new exterior, improve the interior, or just focus on your favorite wing. Either way, we know the tips and tricks to make sure it ends up right the first time!

Bathroom Remodeling

Guest bathrooms, pool houses, or even master suites can be made or broken with a great bathroom layout. We have extensive experience with Jacuzzi tubs, hydro massage systems, and showers on a premium or bare bones budget alike. We can also install accessible restrooms for the little or older ones in the family, or new plumbing solutions for your pool deck.

Kitchen Remodeling

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying a chef-worthy space for your culinary creations? We can work within your existing space and budget to design a functional, elegant new kitchen for you. We’ll make sure your new professional stove has the surrounding it deserves, install elegant custom cabinets, or design the best way to take advantage of modular ones.


Decks, balconies, and gazebos are great ways to ensure your Spring Hills outdoor space reaches its full potential. You bring the ideas, and we’ll ensure the materials and expertise is right where you need them as we help you ensure that your new custom deck is the envy of the neighborhood!

Room Additions

As families change and expand, so do their needs. Add a new bachelor pad, an accessible suite for an aging parent, or a new game room to your home. We can ensure it fits in with the rest of the house, and

provide clever workarounds if you want an independent entrance or privacy for that new apartment on top of your garage.

Patio Covers and Enclosures

A sun deck, BBQ area, or a new party corner are just some of the possibilities for your unused deck space. There are many ways to keep the outdoor, fun vibe on your patio while still protecting it from the elements or from poor weather. This way, you can enjoy it year-round!

Why Contact Spring Hills Remodeling?

Spring Hills Remodeling started out with just one man, but has slowly grown into a fully staffed team of contractors, designers, suppliers, and craftsmen.

Our founder started working as a contractor in 1993. Thanks to his ability to learn and his own hard work, he managed to get his own license after five years. Like all good contractors, he started from the bottom and personally experienced every stage of the construction process.

This hands-on experienced helped him envision his ideal construction company. Spring Hills Remodeling was born out of his own drive to surpass people’s expectations of construction work, and a desire to turn remodeling jobs into opportunities to improve people’s lives.

How? It all starts by getting to know his clients. After 15 years in business, he knows everything that is at stake for a homeowner when he decides to bring contractors into the house: from the initial apprehension to the continued adjustments in lifestyle and budget, and then into years of enjoying the investment.

His crew has been trained to understand the same and to privilege customer satisfaction in every possible way. His suppliers are part of his family, and he is always eager to put the extra mile to ensure his customers get the best possible deals. By monitoring and supervising every part of the project, Spring Hills Remodeling can offer a seamless and stress-free experience for its clients – who then can kick back, let their imagination go wild, and enjoy the fruits of the job without dealing with the dust.

Attention to detail and perfectionism has earned the company a flawless reputation and a growing client base. We believe that our past jobs are our best introduction for future ones: over 30% of our clients come from “word of mouth” referrals, and therefore by previously satisfied customers

The Spring Hills Remodeling family is eager to please and willing to stand by its work. A fully insured and highly trained crew will ensure things are done right from the start – from the original blueprints to the fine details of your new kitchen cabinets, front door, or bathroom water pressure.

We feel grateful and privileged every time a customer lets us inside their home, and we are committed to honoring that privilege. We will design flexible schedules to ensure minimal disruption for you and your family, and ensure everything is spotless after the job is finished. The housewarming party will be up to you!

Just call Spring Hills Remodeling today or fill out the contact form below. We will schedule a consultation, design a customized quote, and help you explore your options!


Still have questions before you call? Here are our brief answers to what most potential customers will want to know. We’re also happy to discuss any other questions or concerns you might have during a phone call or during your free consultation.

What makes California Remodeling special?

Every member of the Spring Hills Remodeling team is heavily invested in the company’s success – and by extension, in the customer’s satisfaction. We like schedules, plans, and exactness because we know these are the qualities that make us reliable.

In addition, our founder’s two decades’ worth of experience has provided him with a knowledge far above what’s expected from most contractors. This means he can assist during design, choosing materials or finishes, and advise his customer’s on the latest construction trends. Where most companies would ask you to hire an architect for this, Spring Hills Remodeling is happy to include it as part of the package.

How are our crews different?

We believe in building long-term, close relationships with our workers. Rather than taking a risk on new faces for every new gig, Spring Hills Remodeling privileges working with tried-and-tested crewmembers and journeymen. Most of our workers have been trained by the company from the start, and have been cultivated to offer the same level of service expected from The Boss himself.

Furthermore, they are all fully insured and subjected to thorough background checks. After all, if we are being welcomed into your home, we know we have to take care of it as if it were our own. Whether it’s about considering your schedule first, or cleaning up after a day’s work, we are ready to think about you first!

What happens if something goes wrong?

We want to make sure nothing goes wrong! Thanks to our attention to detail and comprehensive training, we seek to minimize the possibilities of mishaps and accidents.

Yet we understand that nothing can truly ever be fully prevented. That is why the company provides full insurance to their workers, including health, accidental injury, and worker’s compensation. We also offer warranties on all our projects. If something does happen, we are prepared to face the costs and consequences to make it right.

What goes into your pricing? What happens if I get the same project for a lower quote?

Spring Hills Remodeling always strives to provide its customers with competitive prices and good deals on materials. However, never forget that quality comes at a price!

We know there is no lack of new contracting companies in town. Are they all as highly recommended? Do they have the same experience? Are their workers insured should anything happen?

A botched bathroom remodel or patio deck will need repairs quickly and often more than once. Ensuring the job is done well the first time can save you time and money in the long run!

Can you help me get financing?

A home remodeling is a significant investment for most homeowners. Most of our customers know how to recognize quality and consider their own time valuable. This is why we keep long-term partnerships with local banks. If you qualify, then you can get our quote covered on the spot.

Contact us to learn more about all our financing options.

Call today and get a free consultation and quote on your remodeling project. We work with customers anywhere in the Spring Hills, Tennessee area and guarantee the finest quality of materials and craftsmanship you can expect.

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